[build2] Failure to compile build2 with libpkgconf 1.5.3

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Mon Oct 29 13:11:16 UTC 2018

Matthew Krupcale <mkrupcale at matthewkrupcale.com> writes:

> Just a status update. I've now successfully built[1] build2 on Fedora
> 29 (and rawhide) using the latest staging version of build2 et al. One
> thing to note is that it successfully builds on both i386 and ppc64le
> architectures as well as x86_64. As far as I can tell, previous builds
> were tested on various OS and compiler combinations but all on x86_64
> architecture.

Yes, that's correct, thanks for letting us know (and I was going to
ping you about libpkgconf 1.5.x support once stage finished building).

> As far as going forward with official Fedora packaging, I'd prefer to
> wait for an official release (could be a patch release) rather than
> packaging a pre-release version.

Yes, we are planning to release 0.8.1 in a week or so and I will make
sure it includes libpkgconf 1.5.x support.

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