[build2] Failing to build packages in remote git repositories

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Mon Jul 16 14:18:28 UTC 2018

Klaim - Joël Lamotte <mjklaim at gmail.com> writes:

We are still looking into the rest of it, but regarding this: 

> (Also note that at least on Windows I often get the following error:
> error: unable to move directory .\.bpkg\tmp\1e45902c7d3d\ to
> .\.bpkg\repos\1e45902c7d3d\: the process cannot access the file
> because it is being used by another process
> It's not a big problem as redoing the operation (with or without cleaning)
> leads back to my initial issue.  However it shows that some operations might
> be done concurrently in a context where moving files is authorized only by
> one process at a time - aka windows).

See this FAQ entry (aptly) named "Why am I getting strange errors on 


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