[build2] Feature Request: Bare copy of project without git

Markus Pawellek markuspawellek at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 07:59:31 UTC 2019


I was giving a seven-days basic course about modern C++ for students at the
university where I have introduced the build2 toolchain.
Because most of the students never have seen code or learned something
about computers, I have not explained the usage of git.
The students developed their code through notebooks we were providing.
So in the end, they wanted to copy their code and notes back to their
Because they could not use git, the intention was to directly copy the
source directory.
But on their machines, they were not able to compile the source code
anymore due to the hidden folder '.bdep' in the source directory and the
folder 'bootstrap' inside the build directory.
Both were referring to the old configuration created through 'bdep', which did
not exist anymore.
Only after manually removing those folders, we were able to create a new
configuration and compiling the code again.
For students starting with programming, this may be a little too much

Hence, I would suggest a feature to create a bare copy of a build2 project
(maybe together with its configurations) on a local machine for
transmissions not using git.
Otherwise, is there a better workaround for this problem?

Thank you in advance.

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