[build2] Official build2 Fedora packages

Alex Syrnikov san at masterspline.eu
Fri Jun 14 03:55:50 UTC 2019

Hello, Matthew.

Thank You for this good work. I read your .spec file and understand what
to do with libraries to make official packages (also I become more
familiar with build2 and this become easier). libodb and odb-sqlite will
be static, other libs will be placed where it must be (this eliminate
rpath which is prohibited for debian and fedora official packages).

I will soon repackage my packages similar to your solution and also will
try to include them in official Debian. But I probably will split it in
3 packages from 3 different source packages (build2, bpkg, bdep) and
create empty build2-toolchain depending on all of them. Currently the
only doubt about binary packages - is it possible to link libodb
statically for official packages (but this is unavoidable to allow
update build2 package version in 5 years old distributive).

Alex (Леша) Syrnikov

P.S. When I will see Your packages in fedora repos I will change my
linux binary packages page for fedora and show something like "Use
official packages". Will Your packages be in fedora 30 after testing
stage or only in 31?

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