[build2] Using ssh-git

Bo Lorentsen bl at lue.dk
Mon Oct 29 16:10:08 UTC 2018

As I wrote to Joel, I have some problems with the ssh part, maybe I user
the wrong schema ?

The in module looks like the one I was looking for, thanks.

Super doc, I will surely read them a few times :-) So much nice information

I just used a lot of time trying to find a good package system, and I found
both conan, vcpkg and hunter, but build2 was not really visible, and when I
found it it took me some time to realize the scale of this project. A short
introduction with some examples would have helped, and maybe even an
introduction on C++ weekly :-)


Den man. 29. okt. 2018 kl. 13.49 skrev Boris Kolpackov <
boris at codesynthesis.com>:

> Bo Lorentsen <bl at lue.dk> writes:
> > First, thanks for a really nice package and build tool ! [...]
> Thanks for kind words!
> > We use AWS CodeCommit at work, and this really means that we user either
> > git+ssh or https with a auth key.
> >
> > How do I tell build2 to use either of these (https with key is really
> > important here), I did'nt seem to be able to make that work?
> What exactly did you try and what didn't work?
> In build2 git is used in two main areas: for development (with bdep) and
> for version control based repositories (with bpkg). With the former you
> clone (or setup the remote for) the repository yourself so there shouldn't
> be any issue using SSH or HTTPS with authentication (we use SSH ourselves).
> The latter is normally accessed via read-only unauthenticated HTTPS.
> > I have been using CMake a lot, and here I sometime makes a config.h kind
> > of file, using the cmake command CONFIGURE_FILE. In build2 this sounds
> > like meta-operations, but I really need to understand how I can generate
> > this kind of file, and how to make detection code work before generation
> > this kind of files.
> Yes, as Joel mentioned, this functionality is provided by the 'in' build
> system module.
> > The documentation for build2 is REALLY a nice example of god
> > documentation, but to me at least, it is also really hard to get started
> > by, due to the level of information it contain, I have been looking for
> > a more easy "get started" kind of document, but without any luck, are
> > there any recommendations here ?
> The toolchain introduction is the best high-level overview:
>   https://build2.org/build2-toolchain/doc/build2-toolchain-intro.xhtml
> For the build system there is a separate introduction in its manual:
>   https://build2.org/build2/doc/build2-build-system-manual.xhtml
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