[build2] Using ssh-git

Bo Lorentsen bl at lue.dk
Sun Oct 28 08:21:41 UTC 2018

Hi ...

First, thanks for a really nice package and build tool ! I have been
flirting with conan and others for quite some time, but noting really
gave me the felling of Rust Cargo for C++.

I really hope build2 will be the norm, or at least the inspiration, for
future package and build in c++, we really need that. No more using Go,
Rust even python for small tools, if C++ package management finally
become doable, manageable and beautiful :-)

Sorry, I got carried away, now to the question ...

We use AWS CodeCommit at work, and this really means that we user either
git+ssh or https with a auth key.

How do I tell build2 to use either of these (https with key is really
important here), I did'nt seem to be able to make that work ?

I have been using CMake a lot, and here I sometime makes a config.h kind
of file, using the cmake command CONFIGURE_FILE. In build2 this sounds
like meta-operations, but I really need to understand how I can generate
this kind of file, and how to make detection code work before generation
this kind of files.

The documentation for build2 is REALLY a nice example of god
documentation, but to me at least, it is also really hard to get started
by, due to the level of information it contain, I have been looking for
a more easy "get started" kind of document, but without any luck, are
there any recommendations here ?

Again, thanks for all the nice work, I hope build2 will be the last
package and build tool I ever need :-)


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