[build2] build w gcc 8.1.1 + c++1y fails

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Wed Oct 3 08:17:28 UTC 2018

MM <finjulhich at gmail.com> writes:

> > Thanks! We've tried to compile it with "g++ (GCC) 8.1.1 20180502 (Red Hat
> > 8.1.1-1)" which is the closest to yours we could find. No errors. So it
> > looks like a fairly recent regression in GCC. Before I file a bug report,
> > can you confirm that this produces the error for you:
> >
> > g++ -DLIBBUTL_STATIC -DPKGCONFIG_IS_STATIC -std=c++2a -o init.o -c
> > -fdirectives-only init.o.ii
> Yes it produces the errors. attached.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this.

We've initially thought this has something to do with newer GCC but now
we've tested with GCC 8.2 (on Debian) and everything works fine. So I
think this has something to do with your environment, most likely locale.

Could you therefore do the following:

1. Send the output of locale:

  $ locale

2. Override the locale for the install script and see if that helps:

  $ LC_ALL=C sh build2-install-X.Y.Z.sh

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