[build2] Failing to build packages in remote git repositories

Karen Arutyunov karen at codesynthesis.com
Mon Jul 16 19:54:41 UTC 2018

Hi Joël,

 > Am I missing something?

Yeah, it seems that you miss '#master' URL fragment:

$ bpkg build https://github.com/Klaim/test-build2-package-repo.git#master

$ bpkg build kikoo at ../test-build2-package-repo#master

The man page says:

By default, only advertised tags in the refs/tags/v* form where the part 
after v is also a valid standard version (b#module-version) are 
considered to be sources of useful package versions. These commits 
normally correspond to released versions and are called the default set.

For details read:


Best regards,

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