[build2] Failing to build packages in remote git repositories

Klaim - Joël Lamotte mjklaim at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 18:46:23 UTC 2018

I am having great trouble making remote dependencies in git repositories work.
After a lot of tweaking I tried the simplest test: having a repository
with a test executable,
and just trying to build it through bpkg in a freshly setup configuration:

PS E:\Tests\build2-experiment\actorsim> cd build-test
PS E:\Tests\build2-experiment\actorsim\build-test> bpkg create cc config.cxx=cl
created new configuration in E:\Tests\build2-experiment\actorsim\build-test\
PS E:\Tests\build2-experiment\actorsim\build-test> bpkg build
added git:github.com/Klaim/build2-test-exe
fetching git:github.com/Klaim/build2-test-exe
querying https://github.com/Klaim/build2-test-exe.git
info: nothing to build
PS E:\Tests\build2-experiment\actorsim\build-test> bpkg build
using build2-test-exe/0.1.0-a.0.20180715183134.da217782ea50 (external)
configured build2-test-exe/0.1.0-a.0.20180715183134.da217782ea50
mkdir build2-test-exe\fsdir{build2-test-exe\}
c++ ..\build2-test-exe\build2-test-exe\cxx{build2-test-exe}@build2-test-exe\build2-test-exe\
ld build2-test-exe\build2-test-exe\exe{build2-test-exe}
updated build2-test-exe/0.1.0-a.0.20180715183134.da217782ea50

The repository only contains the exact result of:

PS E:\Tests\build2-experiment\actorsim> bdep new build2-test-exe -t exe
created new executable project build2-test-exe in

As you can see, if I try to build the directory locally it works, but
if I try the same with the same repository on github it fails with
"nothing to build".

(I also found the same error and others while trying more complex
setup, like my chaiscript build2 package
that I still fail to make work as a repositories.manifest requirement -
I think this issues is the source of the other issues so one thing at a time).

Am I missing something?

A. Joël Lamotte

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