[build2] build2 binary packages

Alex Syrnikov san at masterspline.eu
Tue Dec 11 17:19:41 UTC 2018

> IMO, build2 is actually quite different from cmake/conan/vcpkg. Maybe a
> better description would be:
> "build2 is a next-generation, Cargo-like integrated build system and
> package manager for C++."

Personally for me build2 is package (dependency) manager at first. It
also build system, but this is less important. C++ people are know what
is conan and vcpkg, so I mentioned those projects.

But as You wish (fixed build2 description almost literally but saved
conan and vcpkg mentioning). Available here

https://masterspline.gitlab.io/build2-linux-packages/ and


I still want at least "unofficial deb/rpm packages repository" status
and link somewhere from build2.org (FAQ, installation page, anythin
googlabe). In my defense I created rpm and deb packages, Installation
HowTo, HTTPS Repository. This do not looks like shallow way
(несерьезный, поверхностный подход).

Official Debian packages for build2 not an easy solution (I thought
about this). Because build includes except libbutil, libbpkg also
libpkgconf, libsqlite3, libodb and all this packages MUST (as I know) be
in debian system. But buil2-toolchain will want fresh versions and
debian policy have it's own opinion when and how to upgrade library
version in system. There is conflict between Debian policy and
build2-toolchain needs, So Imade /usr/lib/build2 directory with shared
libs and I use RPATH (do not think this allowed for official debian
package). Solution with static libraries also not perfect. So inclusion
build2-toolchain in official repository require some build2
stabilization, some time and some more work. But Boris If You really
want build2 be used it need to be as easy to install and use as
possible. My packages are just one step in this direction.


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