[build2] build2 binary packages

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Tue Dec 11 12:50:34 UTC 2018

Alex Syrnikov <san at masterspline.eu> writes:

> I have released CentOS6 package. Now binary packages (x86_64) are
> available for Debian(stretch/stable, buster/testing + unstable),
> Ubuntu(trusty/14, xenial/16, bionic/18), CentOS6/RedHat6,
> CentOS7/RedHat7 and Fedora 29.

Nice work!

One thing I would tweak is this sentence in the description:

"build2 is next grade C++ build tool and package manager, like conan+cmake 
or vcpkg."

IMO, build2 is actually quite different from cmake/conan/vcpkg. Maybe a
better description would be:

"build2 is a next-generation, Cargo-like integrated build system and
package manager for C++."

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