[build2] Out of tree questions

Moldmann Max (DC-MH/ENG52-NA) Max.Moldmann at boschrexroth-us.com
Mon Nov 27 19:44:59 UTC 2017

Hi Boris,

I used your example project for an out of tree build (https://codesynthesis.com/~boris/tmp/build2/components.tar.gz).

mkdir fsdir{efg\}
mkdir fsdir{cde\}
c++ ..\src\efg\cxx{efg_ZZZ-t}@efg\
c++ ..\src\cde\cxx{cde_XXX-t}@cde\
c++ ..\src\cde\cxx{cde_YYY-t}@cde\
c++ ..\src\cde\cxx{cde_YYY}@cde\
c++ ..\src\cde\cxx{cde_XXX}@cde\
c++ ..\src\efg\cxx{efg_ZZZ}@efg\
ld cde\exe{cde_XXX}
ld cde\exe{cde_YYY}
ld efg\exe{efg_ZZZ}

And I can also build it from the src folder to the bld folder:

build2-test\src>b ./@../bld/
mkdir fsdir{..\bld\efg\}
mkdir fsdir{..\bld\cde\}
c++ efg\cxx{efg_ZZZ}@..\bld\efg\
c++ efg\cxx{efg_ZZZ-t}@..\bld\efg\
c++ cde\cxx{cde_YYY-t}@..\bld\cde\
c++ cde\cxx{cde_XXX-t}@..\bld\cde\
c++ cde\cxx{cde_YYY}@..\bld\cde\
c++ cde\cxx{cde_XXX}@..\bld\cde\
ld ..\bld\efg\exe{efg_ZZZ}
ld ..\bld\cde\exe{cde_YYY}
ld ..\bld\cde\exe{cde_XXX}

Very nice!
Now two little things:

1.       Is there a way to run a build clean from the src folder to clean the bld folder?
This command cleans the src folder but tries to build the bld folder:
build2-test\src>b clean ./@../bld/
info: dir{.\} is clean
info: dir{..\bld\} is up to date

2.       The out of tree build output adds the @ string at the end and repeats all the subdirectories (can be become very noisy for production code). Is there a way that I could get the clean in tree build output even while doing an out of tree build?

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