[build2] Arch Linux - build2-toolchain added in AUR

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Fri Aug 18 14:54:52 UTC 2017

Filipe Verri <filipeverri at gmail.com> writes:

> Do you mean
> - libbutil: build2 utility library
> - build2: build2 build system
> - libbpkg: build2 package manager library
> - bpkg: build2 package manager

Yes, that's correct.

> First, Arch recommends that descriptions should not include the package
> name.

Well, 'build2' in this context is the overall project name. One of the
packages (the build system) happens to also be called that.

> Second, none of them would appear in searches for "C++".

While C++ is the primary focus, build2 is not inherently C++-specific.
I expect that in the future people will want to use it for other
languages or multi-language projects.

In fact, even now, it is as good for C as for C++.

Also, I wouldn't worry too much about discoverability via the package
description. Unless someone heard about build2 via some other, more
informative, ways, they are not going to start using it whether there
is "C++" in the description or not ;-).

> To solve the latter, a propose a meta package "build2-toolchain" that
> includes all 4 packages with description
> "Open source, cross-platform toolchain for building and packaging C++ code".

I think having a meta-package that (I assume) pulls build2 and bpkg is
a great idea. For the description, I would suggest:

build2-toolchain: build2 build toolchain (build system and package manager)

Or something along those lines.


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