[build2] Arch Linux - build2-toolchain added in AUR

Filipe Verri filipeverri at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 17:58:52 UTC 2017

Do you mean
- libbutil: build2 utility library
- build2: build2 build system
- libbpkg: build2 package manager library
- bpkg: build2 package manager

There are two problems with some of them.
First, Arch recommends that descriptions should not include the package
Second, none of them would appear in searches for "C++".

To solve the latter, a propose a meta package "build2-toolchain" that
includes all 4 packages with description
"Open source, cross-platform toolchain for building and packaging C++ code".

The self-referencing "build2" description is not a big deal for now, but I
am pretty sure that will interfere in the process of officializing the
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