[build2] Is build2 the only build-tool capable of c++20 modules

Wilhelm Meier wilhelm.meier at hs-kl.de
Tue May 9 15:50:27 UTC 2023

build2 looks very promising in the sense that it seems to be the only 
build tool that fully supports c++20 modules - according to the docu.

But it looks like nobody is using it ;-)

I can't find reasonable help to my task converting a header-only library 
to simply module-interface-units. Well, rewritung the headers to modules 
is no problem at all. But setting up build2 to generate all the bmi 
files looks very difficult at least to me.

In my opinion the task looks simple:

the library consists of a set of module interface files (these files 
represent a std-library for the AVR target of ┬ÁC).
The are all located in one dir. The is one file std.mpp importing all 
the partitions of the module std.

The user should simply do: import std; (in another project dir).

So the task is to generate all the bmi files in the users project dir 
from the module interface files in the library dir - surely in the 
correct order, since they are interdependant.

How can I do this with build2?

It seems that I'm stuck with the basics of build2 (yes, the syntax of 
the buildfile is fascinating ;-) )

Thanks in advance!

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