[build2] Build error on openbsd 7.1

Dirty Dawn dirtdawn777 at protonmail.ch
Wed May 25 14:06:19 UTC 2022

Tomorrow I'll do some more research on -O, after that I'll ask on the mailing list.
Just my 2 cents on BSD/gnu tar, BSD is more likely installed

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On 25 mag 2022, 15:45, Boris Kolpackov ha scritto:

> Dirty Dawn via users <users at build2.org> writes:
>> ok, I received the answer, it is written on the pax command page in
>> the -x flag where it says that the default format is ustar.
>> I did a little test, [...]
> Great, thanks for the confirmation.
> Did you hear anything about how to achieve -O|--to-stdout when
> extracting (-x) a specific file?
> So far, the only alternative seems to be to tell the users to
> install either GNU tar or BSD tar and use that with bpkg. But
> I wonder if there is a way to achieve the same with the base
> tools. I skimmed through the pax man page but couldn't see
> anything promising.
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