[build2] Interest in Development of NASM Module

Markus Pawellek markus.pawellek at mailbox.org
Thu Jul 16 20:23:22 UTC 2020


I am very interested in the development of a build2 module
providing the possibility of compiling and linking NASM code.
For this, I have already taken a look inside the 
libbuild2-hello and libbuild2-rust modules, 
but the first one is not really explaining how to add 
functionality and the second one is not compiling on my platform.
Therefore I wanted to go even further and tried to understand
the builtin cc, c, and cxx modules inside the build2 repository.
But the code here was a little bit too much for me and hard to understand.

What would be the best starting point and 
what would I have to do to get an overview 
of the build2 source code and to get an idea of build2 module development.
Is there already an existing documentation concerning module development?
Is it even reasonable to try to develop an external module for NASM, 
would it be better to think about a builtin module,
or would it even be better to not include it at all?

Thank you in advance.


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