[build2] B2/cppget.org web frontend availability

Aleksander Stankiewicz stankiewiczal at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 16:38:46 UTC 2020

do you have docker image containing working service for private repos like
cppget.org (so I attach my persistent volume only for instance to store
private libs)?

I really like how things have been resolved in build2, but it's hard to
decide about usage of it without own/private projects. It's just no go :(
when I talk with different people about usage of it in the company I'm
working for at the moment.
It's really a pity that such simple argument against it stops b2 adoption...

The other thing that very slows adoption of it is missing integration with
(at least)VSCode.
Does it exist and I just can't find it or it has no any integration with
editors/ides out of the box at the moment(through some extensions/packages)?

Kind regards
Aleksander Stankiewicz
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