[build2] Build system module for code-generation utilities Qt moc, etc

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Sat Oct 5 11:12:33 UTC 2019

Patrick Fromberg <patrick.fromberg at gmail.com> writes:

> Ok, by mentioning future module file extensions I think you proved that my
> idea was stupid [...]

I think using a separate extension for C++ header/source files that have
to be preprocessed with MOC would have been a wise decision if it were
made from the outset. I don't think anyone ever regretted being able to
determine a file's type from its name.

> [...] because you cannot have each tooling layer add information via
> file name extensions.

I don't think there are a lot of tools like MOC, specifically:

1. MOC input is embedded into regular C++ files.

2. MOC output is required in order to compile said C++ files.

> But in general, do not assume intransigence on the side of Qt team.
> Many Qt developers are praying for a saviour to save their souls from cmake
> after QBS has been discontinued.

Well, they are certainly welcome here and I am very interested in having
a build system module for MOC.

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