[build2] Freezing with MSYS2

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Sat Oct 5 10:57:10 UTC 2019

David Cohoe <sudgylacmoe at gmail.com> writes:

> I just recently installed build2 (0.11) on MSYS2, and it freezes when
> run.  By running it with --verbose, I figured out that it gets stuck
> on "g++ -D_DEBUG -ggdb3 -x c++ -E -".  I'm guessing that build2
> doesn't know how to interact with MSYS2 that well?  I'm using the
> MinGW64 prompt if it matters.  I'm a bit surprised that it gets stuck
> here, because I built build2 itself in the same terminal.

If you've built build2 itself in the same setup, then it would have
successfully executed the above command. Perhaps this is the last
command you see that has successfully executed rather than where
things hang.

Can you try it on a really simple project, run it serially, and jack
up the verbosity all the way to level 6:

$ bdep new hello
$ cd hello
$ b -s --verbose=6

If it still hangs, can you send a couple of last lines that you
see in the output?

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