[build2] libpq build failure

Klaim - Joël Lamotte mjklaim at gmail.com
Tue Oct 1 13:14:44 UTC 2019

(re-posting this as I didn't include the group by mistake)

On Tue, 1 Oct 2019 at 13:50, Патрушев Данил Андреевич <
d.patrushev at prosoftsystems.ru> wrote:

> Hi. I am trying to build odb-pgsql but libpq fails to build (Windwows 10,
> msvc x64, I tried both https://pkg.cppget.org/1/beta and
> https://stage.build2.org/1 ) with an error message  “header
> 'ibpq\version.' not found and cannot be generated”.   It seems to be due to
> the fact that for some reason version.h is not autogenerated from
> version.h.in, so there is no version.h to be included. I worked around it
> by cleaning the build files to include just the rule that generates this
> file and it worked – version.h appeared in the directory. After that I
> restored the build files to their original state and finished the build.

Interesting, I'm seeing a very similar issue with my libsodium package BUT
that issue is not visible on the public (stage) CI  or if the package is
built as a dependency.
I've been investigating without much success but so far I assumed I was
doing something wrong in my build scripts.
Can you write a specific repro-case to see the issue?

I made a github issue in my repo for my specific case as I am not sure if
it's specific to my build files or if it's a bug in build2:

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