[build2] build2 0.12.0 released

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Mon Nov 25 12:00:39 UTC 2019

Matthew Krupcale <mkrupcale at matthewkrupcale.com> writes:

> I've also considered making an EPEL 8 branch for RHEL/CentOS 8, but
> there are more strict policies on updates in EPEL (i.e. no ABI
> breakages unless necessary). This will also be important on Fedora if
> any projects start using the build2 libraries (libbutl, libbuild2,
> libbpkg). So I wonder if you think build2 libraries are approaching a
> point of stabilized/backward-compatible API/ABI such that we can use
> platform-specific versioning (i.e. SONAME) on Linux.

I don't think we are there yet. It probably makes sense to wait until
the 1.0.0 release and we still have some distance to go on that front.
Ideally we would want to finish all the Strategic/Foundational items
from the roadmap[1] except, perhaps, for the distributed compilation.

> Another thing I've been thinking about is packaging build2 as a
> freedesktop.org Flatpak SDK runtime extension[3] so that build2 can be
> used in Flatpak. One reason for this is GNOME Builder is an IDE which
> is able to use Flatpak, and I was considering working on a build2
> plugin for it.

This sounds great, though I must admit I am quite vague on what it
all means. If you have time and can explain what "build2 can be
used in Flatpak" and "build2 plugin for [GNOME Builder]" would
mean, that would be helpful.

> Speaking of IDEs, it might be useful to have a formal grammar
> definition for buildfile and manifest files to make it easier to
> define grammars for syntax highlighting.

The manifest format is already specified[2]. The Buildfile language
will take some effort. We've done that for Testscript[3][4].

[1] https://github.com/build2/README/blob/master/roadmap.md
[2] https://build2.org/bpkg/doc/build2-package-manager-manual.xhtml#manifest-format
[3] https://build2.org/build2/doc/build2-testscript-manual.xhtml#lexical
[4] https://build2.org/build2/doc/build2-testscript-manual.xhtml#syntax

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