[build2] Official build2 Fedora packages

Matthew Krupcale mkrupcale at matthewkrupcale.com
Thu Jun 13 13:12:51 UTC 2019


First, congratulations on the recent release of build2. I'm happy to
report I've finally gotten build2 into the official Fedora
repositories for Fedora 30[1,2]. Sorry this took so long, but it took
me some time to navigate the review and package submission process as
a new packager.

I also have a few questions / comments since our last correspondence:

1. Have you given any additional thought about using LaTeX CLI
generation to produce PS/PDF documentation output as opposed to the
current html2ps method? I see that there were some commits[3] which
convert some of the problematic characters to ASCII, but unfortunately
this does not make the documents fully ASCII/UTF-8 still. There are a
few NO-BREAK SPACE (U+00A0) and COPYRIGHT SIGN (U+00A9) characters at
the beginning of the PS document, so they're still iso-8859-1 encoded.
What I'm currently doing to fix this on the packaging side is just
using iconv(1) to convert them from iso-8859-1 to utf-8.

2. I noticed that libbutl in a few places[4,5] will invoke exit(3)
directly. I'm not sure if this is intentional, but usually a library
should allow the user executable to decide what to do in the case of
an error, so perhaps in this case it makes sense to just re-throw the
exception and let the executable catch it (or not). This seems to be
what is done in e.g. b_info[6] for a similar use-case.

3. Now that I've finished getting build2 into the official Fedora
repos, and with the work Alex has done on Debian/Ubuntu and
RHEL/CentOS side, do you think it makes sense to do an official
release of ODB at this point? Unless I'm mistaken, this
chicken-and-egg problem was the main reason for delaying the release
of ODB 2.5.0, so with build2 bootstrapped, we should now be able to
build ODB 2.5.0 from the repos.


[1] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1685200
[2] https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2019-17d1334a4b
[3] https://git.build2.org/cgit/build2/commit/?id=8ceb809c28f663bb1473722de3c6a24319888e61
[4] https://git.build2.org/cgit/libbutl/tree/libbutl/pager.cxx?id=6bad683716510e148852856417bd8558a7735195#n186
[5] https://git.build2.org/cgit/libbutl/tree/libbutl/process-run.cxx?id=6bad683716510e148852856417bd8558a7735195#n58
[6] https://git.build2.org/cgit/libbutl/tree/libbutl/b.cxx?id=6bad683716510e148852856417bd8558a7735195#n284

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