[build2] Benchmarking with build2

Luiz Fernando Afra Brito luizfernandoafrabrito at gmail.com
Sun Apr 28 00:25:53 UTC 2019


I'm implementing several data strutures and I would like to know what is
the best way to run some benchmarks using build2.

I started a lib project, then I implemented the data strutures in the
library subdirectory and some tests in the ``tests'' subdirectory. Now I
want a ``benchmarks'' subdirectory to code some benchmarks.

I think it would be very convenient if I could type something like "b
benchmark", or something close, to run all benchmarks at once. How woud you
approach this problem using build2? Would you create another exe project
separated from the library or as an inner project using the new
--subdirectory flag? 'What is the best practice?
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