[build2] Trouble building buil2 on RHEL 7.

Levi Morrison morrison.levi at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 16:43:17 UTC 2018

I'm trying to install build2 on RHEL 7, and its g++ version is a bit old --
4.8.5. I have a newer version installed in a non-standard location:


I'm bootstrapping with this (the newer g++ is in PATH):

    make -f bootstrap.gmake -j CXX=g++ \
    build2/b-boot config.cxx=g++ \
        config.bin.rpath=/apps/gcc/7.3.0/lib64 \
        config.bin.lib=static build2/exe{b}
    mv build2/b build2/b-boot
    build2/b-boot --version

No errors so far. When doing the stage:

    build2/build2/b-boot configure config.cxx=g++\
        config.bin.suffix=-stage \

config.bin.rpath=/apps/build2/0.8.0/gcc-7.3.0/lib:/apps/gcc/7.3.0/lib64 \
        config.install.root=/apps/build2/0.8.0/gcc-7.3.0 \
        config.install.data_root=root/stage \
    build2/build2/b-boot install build2/ bpkg/

It fails; here are the last 5 lines of output:

install /apps/build2/0.8.0/gcc-7.3.0/stage/share/doc/build2-toolchain/
install /apps/build2/0.8.0/gcc-7.3.0/stage/share/doc/build2-toolchain/
install /apps/build2/0.8.0/gcc-7.3.0/stage/share/doc/build2-toolchain/
install /apps/build2/0.8.0/gcc-7.3.0/stage/share/doc/build2-toolchain/
info: failed to install dir{./}

Any idea what is wrong?
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