[build2] Forcibly using new revision

Per Edin per.edin at sequence-point.se
Tue Oct 9 13:22:03 UTC 2018


I created a build2 wrapper library for libasio*, similar to how it's done
for libpq. I tagged the first release as v1.12.0 but didn't realize until
later when I tried to use the library that it's an error to exclude
"license:" from manifest.

Hence I added "license:" to manifest and bumped the version numebr, tagged
that commit as v1.12.0+1 and updated the manifest of my program using
libasio to use v1.12.0+1 explicitly in its manifest file. But no luck. I
can't get bdep to check out the new tag. It still attempts to checkout
v1.12.0 and bails with the message "error: no project license specified".


Kind regards
Per Edin
Sequence Point AB

* https://github.com/sequence-point/extpack-libasio
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