[build2] how to hook "libtool" Inside the building and linking process ?

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Thu Jul 12 10:53:33 UTC 2018

Christian Montanari <cp.montanari at tiscali.co.uk> writes:

> I was thinking of the GNU libtool mainly; this would solve my linking
> of dynamic libraries under cygwinshen-bsd-gnulix ...

To use libtool as a linker you would need to implement a custom build2

The question, of course, is why would you want to? I.e., what problems
do you have with the built-in link rule which, in many ways, is build2's
solution to the same problem that GNU libtool tries to solve?

> but I guess hopfully the astute Moacs duds must have ported it from the GNU
> and thus have kept a smilar interface ?

No, it is a completely different tool.

> what will happen if I stage?:
>  config.cxx="libtool --mode=compile --tags=c++"

Not sure what you mean by "stage" here but, in any case, the answer
is "probably nothing good".


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