[build2] build2 binary packages : building odb

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Mon Dec 31 08:27:53 UTC 2018

Alex Syrnikov <san at masterspline.eu> writes:

> Boris, probably this patch for odb will save some time for successors.
> -#    error GCC plugin headers are not installed
> +#    error GCC plugin headers are not installed (package gcc-8-plugin-dev or gcc-plugin-devel)

It wouldn't be accurate for Mac OS, Windows, FreeBSD, other Linux
distributions, as well as other versions of GCC.

Generally, in my experience, such attempts are mostly futile: if someone
skips reading README/INSTALL file (where all of this is discussed), they
will just as well skip reading your error message with an excuse of it
being too long, not clear enough, or confusing.

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