[build2] Reverse Dependency via Defines

Kalle Møller build2.org at k-moeller.dk
Mon Dec 3 14:41:42 UTC 2018

Hey all

Have you any thoughts on how reverse dependencies should be handled?

Here I think about libraries/programs that let you optionally/required to
provide  header and maybe even a library.

This is used in boost config

#if !defined(BOOST_USER_CONFIG) && !defined(BOOST_NO_USER_CONFIG)
#  define BOOST_USER_CONFIG <boost/config/user.hpp>


This for me also ties into how should you handle poptions that a headerfile
set? Im here thinking about cxx.export.poptions, should that get populated
with these defines?

And sorry if this is already in the manual, but I have not been able to
locate this in it.
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