[build2] possible to do something similar to DESTDIR= make install?

Norbert Lange nolange79 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 10 22:17:00 UTC 2017


I just found out about build2 and would like to create a debian
package for easy (un)installation.
I am hanging on the install step, normally you would so a fake-install
and then archive the data.

DESTDIR=/tmp/hugo make install

would install an executable into /tmp/hugo/usr/bin

To create (conforming) debian packages, both of build2 and software
that uses build2 such a mechanism is needed.
Might be that its already available, but I dint find any reference.
Another relevant point is, that for building (conforming) debian
packages it is not allowed to access the net. This
is possible for build2 itself, I am not sure its possible for packages using it?

Kind regards,

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