[build2] Visual Studio support

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Tue Mar 1 14:51:37 UTC 2016

Hi Joël,

Klaim - Joël Lamotte <mjklaim at gmail.com> writes:

> As you seem to be in the depths of fundamental features implementations,
> I suppose that it is not yet the right time to try to participate with
> small patches.

You can, if you are brave ;-). Things are changing pretty fast.

> I think I can help with trying Windows/VC++ (last versions at least) and
> providing patches there. Feel free to notify me to see if I can find time
> to experiment on Windows.

Definitely will do, thanks!

> If I understand correctly for #1, working with the /showIncludes flag for
> VC++ should help (if it works as advertised).

Yes, that's the plan. One uncertainty is what happens with non-existent
headers. We need to detect this situation in order to handle auto-generated
source code.


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