[packaging] libapr README url fix patch

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Thu Mar 7 14:34:57 UTC 2019

Dale Lukas Peterson <hazelnusse at gmail.com> writes:

>  Things got busy at work. I haven't forgotten about this but it will
> likely be the weekend before I can come back to it.

No problem.

I have added support for an alternative build file/directory naming
scheme and it is now available in the staged toolchain[1]. Here is
the relevant part from the manual:

It is also possible to use an alternative build file/directory naming
scheme where every instance of the word 'build' is replaced with 'build2',
for example:

├── build2/
│   ├── bootstrap.build2
│   └── root.build2
├── ...
└── build2file

Note that the naming must be consistent within a project with all the
filesystem entries either following 'build' or 'build2' scheme. In other
words, we cannot call the directory build2/ while keep using buildfile.

The alternative naming scheme is primarily useful when adding build2 
support to an existing project along with other build systems. In this
case, the fairly generic standard names might already be in use. For
example, it is customary to have build/ in .gitignore. Plus more
specific naming will make it easier to identify files and directories
as belonging to the build2 support. For new projects as well as for
existing project that are switching exclusively to build2 the standard
naming scheme is recommended.

To create a project with the alternative naming using bdep-new(1) pass
the  alt-naming project type sub-option. For example:

$ bdep new -t exe,alt-naming ...

I think we should use this alternative scheme for Catch2 in order to
sidestep all those .gitignore issues.

[1] https://stage.build2.org/0/

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