[build2-announce] build2 0.16.0 release candidate is available for testing

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Fri Jun 23 13:12:19 UTC 2023

We aim to release build2 0.16.0 in the first week of July with the latest
staged version serving as a release candidate:


If you have projects that use build2, we encourage you to try it out and
report regressions or any other issues (installation, etc), preferably
by the end of next week, when we plan to close the repositories for all

You are also welcome to CI your packages using the ci.stage.build2.org
server (instead of ci.cppget.org) which is running the staged toolchain
and also includes the latest build configurations for all the major
platforms and compilers:


If you CI with the staged version of build2, this server will be used by

While this release includes a large number of major new features, the NEWS
files are still being updated. We will send a separate note before the
release when the updated NEWS files are available.

Note that this release cannot be upgraded to from 0.15.0 and a from-scratch
installation is required (you can have multiple build2 versions side-by-side;
just pick a different installation location for 0.16.0).

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