[build2-announce] Upcoming Repository Certificate Replacement

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Mon Mar 1 09:50:32 UTC 2021

Both cppget.org and stage.build2.org package repository certificates will
be replaced with renewed versions on Tue the 9th of Mar 2021 at 12pm UTC.
This will result in the change of certificate fingerprints. If you have
these fingerprints specified as part of the trust values in your project's
repositories.manifest files or --trust option values in bpkg or build2
toolchain install script invocations, then you will need to update any
such places with new fingerprints. For details, see:


The new fingerprints (old fingerprints are shown for reference):


  new: 70:64:FE:E4:E0:F3:60:F1:B4:51:E1:FA:12:5C:E0:B3:DB:DF:96:33:39:B9:2E:E5:C2:68:63:4C:A6:47:39:43
  old: 86:BA:D4:DE:2C:87:1A:EE:38:C7:F1:64:7F:65:77:02:15:79:F3:C4:83:C0:AB:5A:EA:F4:F7:8C:1D:63:30:C6


  new: EC:50:13:E2:3D:F7:92:B4:50:0B:BF:2A:1F:7D:31:04:C6:57:6F:BC:BE:04:2E:E0:58:14:FA:66:66:21:1F:14
  old: 37:CE:2C:A5:1D:CF:93:81:D7:07:46:AD:66:B3:C3:90:83:B8:96:9E:34:F0:E7:B3:A2:B0:6C:EF:66:A4:BE:65

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